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    What is PunchOut?

    What is PunchOut? Find out everything you need to know about PunchOut catalogs and the benefits of implementing an eProcurement system with PunchOut.

    Spend management

    How to improve budget control

    Learn about the importance of budget control and how to achieve it with the help of technology and best practices in spend management.

    Spend management

    What is spend under management?

    What is spend under management? Discover what it means, why this metric matters, and the steps your organization can take to achieve it.

    Spend management

    Top challenges & priorities for CFOs in 2023

    We cover the top priorities and challenges facing CFOs in 2023 and how a cloud spend management system can help drive financial rigor and resilience...


    What’s new in Fraxion: Budget overview

    New feature alert: Budget overview feature that guides and informs decision-making with real-time data at decision points for enhanced budget control.


    What to look for in eProcurement software

    eProcurement software can streamline your procurement process and save time and money. Here’s what to look for when choosing the best eProcurement...