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With Fraxion, your business spend is always tracked, approved, policy compliant, and in budget.

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Fraxion’s cloud-based procurement software provides purchase requisitioning, expense and approval management with advanced spend analytics. Automate procurement processes and streamline the procure-to-pay cycle with complete visibility, budget insight, and policy compliance.

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Spend management simplified

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Automate and simplify purchasing processes from any location. Fraxion manages purchase requisitions, quoting processes, approval workflows, purchase order generation, vendor PunchOut, and internal catalog procurement.

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Streamline expense management - create and submit claims via the web or mobile app, snapshot and upload receipts, and ensure compliance with spending policies while simplifying and speeding up approval processes.

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Speed up AP processes, invoice matching and approvals. Streamline 2 or 3-way matching and invoice approval to eliminate overpayments and duplicate invoices.

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Streamline travel processes: From request creation to the processing of invoices, travel itineraries, travel expenses incurred and the processing of invoices against travel costs.

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Get transactional spending insights and analyze spend by supplier, employee and budget. Gauge the impact of spend before it's incurred. Make informed data-driven decisions with Fraxion’s business intelligence and reporting procurement tools.

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Optimize your business processes and proactively manage your spend. Accelerate your approval workflows, achieve paperless efficiency and purchase at the lowest price. Time and cost savings will boost your bottom line.

Fraxion Procurement Software

“We were able to start with the system with only 10 users and it has easily scaled with us to almost 400. It’s allowed us to save at least 4-5 jobs in purchasing.”

Ease of use and ROI
“Fraxion is really easy to use. It’s kind of like when somebody picks up an iPhone, they can start using it immediately, it’s so intuitive. We definitely get a good return on investment. What’s more, Fraxion interfaces seamlessly with our Microsoft Dynamics GP finance system and keeps the full approval flow, so it’s easy for auditors to see that everything’s correct.”

Accountability and process efficiency
“Fraxion has streamlined our purchasing and procurement process tremendously. And it definitely has alleviated the need for our buyer to do so much manual work. We have better accountability in tracking approvals.”

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