Requisition-to-purchase order efficiency

Streamline purchasing and take the risk out of requisition-to-purchase order processes


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Optimize and control each step in the purchasing and PO process

When asked about their current purchasing process, the majority of purchasing managers we’ve worked with have experienced these challenges with the requisition-to-purchase order process:

  • Manual process delays and inaccuracies
  • Outdated or re-purposed systems, like SharePoint, Excel worksheets and email, are deployed as a stopgap solution and left in place for too long
  • Approval bottlenecks
  • Unauthorized spend
  • Overspending

Remove manual purchasing processes and outdated systems. A lot of companies are mired in legacy processes and continue to use systems that require more work and make reporting impossible. 

Automation streamlines every step of the purchasing process and provides a simplified experience for every user – purchasers, approvers and accounting alike. Purchasing software reduces lost requisitions, potential data entry errors, risk of fraud or overspending and shrinks the requisition-to-purchase order time from a week to mere hours. The improved efficiency helps purchasing departments save 30% or more in the entire purchasing cycle.

Fraxion streamlines and replaces manual steps with best practices to create an efficient purchase requisition approval workflow, eliminating everyday challenges. Our top-rated requisition and purchase order management system ensures that all requests are authorized by means of Fraxion's advanced approval routing engine.

Mitigate risk in the requisition-to-purchase order process and reduce the purchasing cycle:

Contracts  Streamline your purchasing and PO process

Work remotely, submit purchase requests with ease, from any location. Quickly and easily generate POs as soon as requests are approved.

Claim  Do more in less time

Mobility and efficiency boosts will save time that can be used to drive productivity in other important areas. Submit orders individually or consolidate numerous orders to the same supplier. 

Suppliers  Fast-track processes

Submit, approve or reject requests on-the-go. Upload relevant documents to validate purchases. Email notifications alert you when action is required.

Save costs  Purchase at the lowest price

Enable quoting polices that enforce purchasing at the lowest price.

Enablement  Enablement

Reduce friction by making it easy for staff to purchase from any location, from approved suppliers while staying within budget.

Visibility  Gain critical visibility

Quickly identify non-compliance, analyze risk and review budgets before approving requests.

Alerts  Change spending behavior

Accountability drives responsible spending.

Approval   Improve auditability

Purchase orders are key documents in audit trails and provide accurate verification for financial auditing requirements.


Simplify purchasing


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“Fraxion allows companies to accurately and efficiently expedite any and all purchases. Companies automate routing and approvals, establish dollar limits, and more. All with a complete visibility and a complete audit trail to record accountability.

“With Fraxion, we just enter the info in the system, even from remote locations. Everything goes through the whole approval process automatically. Most orders only                                                                                                          take one to two minutes to complete.”

                                                                                        Jason Schneider, Operations Manager at aTyr Pharma



Customer Testimonial


“Before Fraxion, the purchase request, ordering and approval process was largely slow, bureaucratic, manual and paper-based. Fraxion has singularly improved transparency, eliminated 90% paperwork, cut approval times in half and summarily improved productivity in procurement. Fraxion has also allowed the continuation of work processes during the COVID-19 pandemic and has ultimately been a cornerstone to the Technology Support Services Digital Transformation Strategy for Makerere University Walter Reed Project."

Albert Musinguzi - ICT Manager, Makerere University Walter Reed Project


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