Purchase requisition approval workflows

Purchasing software with advanced purchase requisition approval workflows

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Multi-level approval workflows

Remove approval bottlenecks

Let automated approval routing do the work for you and remove common delays caused by manual systems. Automate simple to multi-level approval workflows.

Configurable process workflows

Advanced routing

Tailor the platform to improve efficiency and utilize Fraxion's advanced routing and escalation that ensures that requisitions are sent to the appropriate approver, based on value, cost centers, projects or spend categories.

Budget review

Real-time visibility

Fraxion routes your requisitions for approval and captures data at every step, giving you up-to-the-minute reporting, so you can manage spend in real-time. Access budgets and gauge the impact of spend at decision points.



Empower staff as your organization grows, without losing financial control. Enable delegation of authority to mitigate risk with multi-level approvals.

Custom multi-level approval workflows

Approval workflow automation

Simplicity & scalability
"Fraxion requires that all operational/club level management follow the same procedure with regards to procurement, which creates uniform workflows, documentation and processes. This eases up the workload in the finance department due to the centralization of all requests and purchase orders. Audit trails, compulsory approval workflows and a vast record of historic procurement documentation allows for missing transactions and other queries related to procurement to be resolved without difficulty. Fraxion also scales well as we are continuously expanding as a company. Ease of use and simplicity of the system enables new users to phase into the workflow effortlessly.”