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Our procurement solutions offer:


2 or 3-way invoice matching  2 or 3-way invoice matching and approvals

alert-circle  Notifications and alerts

Blanket purchase orders  Blanket purchase orders

Budget review  Budget review

Icon pie chart aqua-1  Budget vs actuals

Budget review  Business intelligence 

Capex requisitioning  Capex requests

Cash advances  Cash advances

Catalogs  Catalogs

Cloud-based  Cloud-based

Configurable process workflows  Configurable process workflows

Custom fields  Custom fields

Document Management  Document attachments

Email approvals  Email approvals

ERP integrations  ERP integrations

Purchase orders  Expense management

Inventory management and stock requests  Inventory management and stock requests

Invoice approval  Invoice approval

Mobile app  Mobile app

Multi-company  Multi-company

Multi-currency  Multi-currency

Multi-language  Multi-language

Multi-level approval workflows  Multi-level approval workflows

On-premise  On-premise

PO change orders  PO change orders

Active policy management and alerts  Policy management

Project accounting  Project accounting

PunchOut  PunchOut

Purchase orders  Purchase orders

PunchOut  Purchase requisitions

Receiving  Receipt of goods

RFQs  Request for quotation

Security  Security

Project accounting  Spend analytics

Plane_aqua (1)  Travel requisitions

Vendor onboarding and approvals  Vendor approvals

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Spend Management


Purchase Order Management

Procurement software pricing with a good ROI

Ease of use and good ROI
“Fraxion is really easy to use. It’s kind of like when somebody picks up an iPhone. They can start using immediately, it’s so intuitive. We definitely get a good return on investment. What’s more, Fraxion interfaces seamlessly with our Microsoft Dynamics GP finance system and keeps the full approval flow, so it’s easy for auditors to see that everything’s correct.”

Cut approval times in half
“Before Fraxion, the purchase request, ordering and approval process was largely slow, bureaucratic, manual and paper-based. Fraxion has singularly improved transparency, eliminated 90% paperwork, cut approval times in half and summarily improved productivity in procurement. Fraxion has also allowed the continuation of work processes during the COVID-19 pandemic and has ultimately been a cornerstone to the Technology Support Services Digital Transformation Strategy."

“Fraxion gives me more transparency, so I can see everything I need to see. I don’t have to check up on people. So it definitely gives me a lot more time to do other things that I should be doing and allows me a level of peace of mind that the system is doing what it needs to do. I don’t have to rely on people to be amazing because the system is.”

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