Proactive spend management on-the-go

A mobile expense management and purchase requisition app with real-time budget insight and approval workflows.

Simplify how you buy, claim and approve

Fraxion Mobile provides registered Fraxion users with an employee expense management and purchase requisition app, with instant document capture and uploads, real-time budget insight, alerts and approval workflows.

Enjoy the simplicity, speed and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to buy, claim and approve on-the go!

Say goodbye to approval bottlenecks, lost receipts and delayed reimbursements. With Fraxion's mobile app, you can drive user adoption and ensure that business spend is always tracked, approved, and in budget.

  • Mobile purchase requisitioning
  • Easy expense management
  • Real-time budget insight
  • Detailed audit trails
  • On-the-go approvals

Access system-configured approval workflows, currencies, tax rates, budgets, suppliers and cost centers on your mobile device for absolute convenience and proactive spend management.

Maintain your spend culture by empowering your team to spend responsibly with access to Fraxion's spend management solution, on-the-move.

Mobile requisition app



Simplify purchase requisitioning. Request the goods or services you need, attach supporting documents, select a supplier, and submit your request for approval.



Capture expenses as they happen, snapshot receipts and attach for easy verification. Speed up approvals and reimbursements.

Budget insight

Budget insight

Approvers can access real-time budgets and gauge the impact of spend, ensure budget compliance, and make informed decisions on-the-go.



Alerts notify you of requests that require your approval. Review and reject, cancel or approve requests, wherever you are.


See Fraxion's spend management solution in action

Mobile requisition app

Submit with simplicity & speed

Drive user adoption and empower users to spend responsibly. With Fraxion Mobile, it's easy to create purchase requisitions for goods and services, on-the-go.

Submit expense reports as they happen, snapshot receipts, attach documents and submit claims for approval.

  • Enable mobile productivity
  • Reduce delays, errors and data loss
  • Capture receipts and upload documents
  • Track expenditure

Approve with confidence

Managers can review purchase requisitions and expense reports on their mobile devices, and make informed decisions with real-time budget insight when approving requests.

See the status of each request, keep track of approvals and review detailed audit trails.

  • Faster processes, approvals and reimbursements
  • Eliminate out-of-office delays and approval bottlenecks
  • Get alerts when actions are required
  • Make informed decisions
  • Review budget impact
  • Reject, approve or cancel requests wherever you are
  • View audit trails
Mobile requisition app
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