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Say goodbye to the endless cycle of manual errors, delayed approvals, and lost opportunities. With Fraxion, you can automate your PO process and reduce purchasing cycle times.

Unlock time and cost savings with purchase order software


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Replace time consuming manual purchase order processes with fast, accurate PO automation.

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Transform approved and compliant requests into professional, company-branded POs in a matter of seconds.

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Manage and analyze purchasing. Track and optimize PO processes and spending with analytics and reporting.

Automate your PO process from approved requests

Create purchase orders in seconds from requests that are approved, budget and policy compliant. These requests can be reviewed and approved using the web or mobile app.

  • Improve accuracy
  • Ensure that all purchases are tracked and linked to authorized vendors.
  • All purchases are subject to budget and policy compliance checks.
  • Attach supporting documents to verify purchase requests.
  • Purchase orders can only be generated from approved requests.

Speed up your PO process

Once approved, the PO process is initiated.

For centralized purchasing, validate and consolidate approved requests and select individual items from a request to add to a purchase order. 

For decentralized procurement, set up auto PO creation and auto emailing.


  • Send professional company branded email templates with a PDF purchase order attached. 
  • View, download, and send POs on-the-go
  • Customize your purchase order templates
  • Fast track PO processes and improve order accuracy
  • Submit and approve change orders and revisions 
  • Track purchase orders with complete visibility and audit trails
  • Centralize purchase orders 
  • Rate and review vendor performance 
  • Link purchase orders to invoices for easy matching and receiving in Fraxion


Consolidate purchase orders and save

Analyze and report on transactional spend, open purchase orders, and the efficiency of your purchase order process.

  • View open orders and consolidate orders by vendor to qualify for volume discounts and saving opportunities
  • Analyze the number of orders by period, value, and vendor
  • Assess the efficiency of your PO process and compare it to peer benchmarks using community insights
  • Gain actionable insights to optimize your purchasing cycle


Easy receiving and vendor ratings

Efficient procurement doesn't end with order placement; it's always good practice to verify that goods received match the PO. Fraxion's purchase order software streamlines this process, allowing you to accurately track delivery quantities and rate vendor performance.

  • Generate electronic receipts for goods or services against open purchase orders
  • Effortlessly record the number of items delivered, the delivery date, unit costs, and add any relevant shipping or vendor tracking links.
  • Receive and over-receive goods and services against open POs from anywhere
  • Automatically verify received items against the original order with exception tracking alerts.
  • Centralize receipts for streamlined record-keeping and audits.
  • Evaluate and rate vendor performance for informed decision-making.
Purchase order software benefits

Top-rated purchase order software

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Spend management

  • “

    Professional purchase order management tools

    Overall: Enterprise-grade, clear-to-understand approver processing rules

    Pros: Effective at workflows, notifications and approver controls

    Health, Wellness & Fitness
    Dean M.

    capterra rating
  • “

    Highly recommended for simplicity, approval management and faster processes

    “We're able to keep our costs down and have the peace of mind that requests are getting the right approvals. Auditing has been smoother since implementing Fraxion. We get great support from the consultants as well. We're really happy with the system and get a good return on investment.”

    Information Technology
    Kelly C.

    capterra rating
  • “

    Fraxion curtails unauthorized spend

    “All items need to be fully approved in Fraxion in order for the purchase order to be generated. We will only make payment if there is a PO for the relevant supplier invoice. This has reduced the amount of unauthorized spend in the business.”

    Group Financial Accountant
    Lauren R.

    G2 rating-1


Learn more about purchase order software and its benefits! Do you have any other questions? 

Why deploy purchase order software?

Companies of all sizes implement purchase order software to gain easier, faster, digital processes for creating, managing, and tracking purchase orders, and submitting formal requests to vendors for goods or services.

Purchase order software can streamline procurement processes, improve accuracy, reduce costs, enhance compliance, and provide better visibility into spending.

What are the key benefits of an automated PO process?

With procurement software, you gain:

Efficiency: Streamlined procurement processes, time savings and reduced manual effort.

Accuracy: Improved accuracy in order creation and tracking.

Cost control: Better control over spending and budget adherence.

Compliance: Enhanced compliance and risk management.

Visibility: Real-time visibility into spending and order status.

Vendor relationships: Improved relationships with vendors.

Reporting: Access to data and analytics for better decision-making.

Savings: Cost savings through optimized, approved purchasing and PO consolidation.

Can purchase order software integrate with other business systems?

Yes, Fraxion's purchase order software enables integration capabilities to connect with ERP and accounting systems as well as e-commerce sites.

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