Easy, accountable                expense management on-the-go

Simplify business expense management with complete transparency, compliance, and auditability.

Effortless expense reports, approvals, and policy compliance

Automate expense report, travel, and approval processes and streamline reimbursements with Fraxion's solution for easy expense management.

Ensure accountability and risk management by implementing measures that control costs, manage compliance, enhance transparency, and prevent unauthorized expenses.

Foster a culture of responsible spending within your organization with Fraxion.

edit-3-1     Say goodbye to manual claims and lost receipts

layers     Easily capture expenses as they happen

Multi-level-approval-workflows     Automate approval workflows

shield-1      Implement policies and manage compliance

users      Speed up employee reimbursements



Capture expenses as they happen, snapshot receipts, and attach for easy verification. Submit claims and track the approval status.


Review budget impact

Approvers can access real-time budgets and gauge the impact of spend, ensure budget compliance, and make informed decisions on-the-go.

check-circle (1) 1


Alerts notify you of requests that require your approval. Review and reject, cancel, or approve requests, wherever you are.

Manage expense reports with ease

With Fraxion, expense management is easy, transparent, and auditable. Automate expense report submissions and speed up approvals and reimbursements. Mobile capabilities make it easy to capture expenses from any location. 

  • Capture and submit expenses as they happen
  • Reduce delays, errors, and data loss
  • Snapshot receipts and upload documents
  • Track and claim for per diems
  • Track billable expenses
  • Easily claim for meals, transport and mileage
  • Review expense requests against real-time budgets and approve with confidence
  • Fast-track reimbursements with approved, budget and policy compliant expense reports

Ensure travel pre-approval and policy compliance

Simplify and control travel and expense management. Configure travel policies to mitigate risk and ensure compliance company-wide.

  • Create requests for accommodation, flights, and car rentals and attach supporting documents
  • Manage, review, and approve travel spend against real-time budgets
  • Ensure pre-approval of all travel expenditure
  • Ensure that travel spend occurs with approved service providers
  • Configure quoting policies
  • Create custom travel templates
  • Create travel itineraries

Simplify cash advance requests, approvals, and disbursements

Employees and field workers can easily request and receive cash for approved business expenses. This easy and transparent process enhances convenience, while tracking and managing disbursements.

  • Submit cash advance requests
  • Manage cash advance approvals
  • Streamline processing
  • Reconcile cash advances with ease
  • Access detailed audit trails

Top-rated software for expense reports and

and spend management


Simplify expense management and policy compliance

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