Procurement software for agriculture

Replace manual and paper-based inefficiencies with automated purchasing and approval processes with Fraxion's procurement software for farming, tree fruit, and food production.


Why companies in agriculture choose Fraxion

Manual, time-intensive, paper-based processes lead to inefficiencies and a lack of visibility and spend control. The challenge is further amplified when dealing with the management of numerous farms, ranches, and orchards in disparate locations; each operating as separate entities. The need for centralized digital processes in agriculture is paramount.

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To replace physical PO books, and transition from verbal and email-based approvals to a more efficient digital process.

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To track and manage expenditure across multiple budgets for individual entities in dispersed locations.

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To authorize and track operating costs to assets for machinery and equipment repairs and maintenance.


Field teams

Replaces manual processes and PO books with mobile flexibility and easy, accountable requisition-to-PO processes. Instant approvals against budgets and receiving capabilities from any device or location.



Streamlines processes, ensuring timely approvals and centralized purchasing records for AP efficiency. AP automation eliminates manual entry, saving time while simplifying cost allocations and GL coding.



Automates decentralized processes across locations with centralized visibility, approvals, and purchasing policy compliance. Enables easy purchasing options such as PunchOut and internal catalog hosting.

What our customers are saying

In an industry that operates on narrow margins; maintaining cost-conscious and efficient operations is essential in agriculture. See how Fraxion is helping companies optimize purchasing processes and costs. 

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    Super efficient software

    Pros: Ease of authorization.

    Benefits: The software is very good for the management of procurement processes.

    Associate Finance Manager

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    Highly recommended for simplicity, approval management and faster processes

    “We're able to keep our costs down and have the peace of mind that requests are getting the right approvals. Auditing has been smoother since implementing Fraxion. We get great support from the consultants as well. We're really happy with the system and get a good return on investment.”

    Information Technology
    Kelly C.

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    Fraxion is a very efficient procurement management system

    “Fraxion has helped in terms of streamlining procurement processes. We used to do procurement manually, and ever since Fraxion was implemented, our processes and service delivery have been exceptional."

    What do you like best? User friendly, budget management, workflow management, audit trails, and dashboard that shows the expenditure analysis reports.

    Finance Professional
    Morongwa R.

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Mobile requisition-to-PO and receiving efficiency

Simplify everyday purchasing for teams in the field and replace physical purchase order books with easy, automated processes.

  • Mobile purchase requests, instant approvals, and PO visibility
  • Review budget impact on any device before approving requests
  • Multi-level approval workflows
  • Automate PO generation from approved requests in seconds
  • Ensure purchasing policy compliance
  • Receive goods electronically from any device or location
  • Create blanket POs for pre-contracted spend
  • AP teams can track received goods, services and packing materials with ease and ensure timely payments

Simplify spend tracking by farm or entity

Easily track, manage, and report on spending by farm, orchard or ranch operating as a separate entity.

  • Stay on budget with real-time budget visibility at decision points
  • Track spending by farm against multiple budgets
  • Track operating expenditures to assets for repairs and maintenance
  • Improve cost allocation accuracy
  • Gain spend visibility, analytics and reporting power
  • Make informed decisions when budgeting, reducing costs, and selecting vendors

Host internal product catalogs

Spend less time sourcing and ordering. Empower your team to purchase supplies and equipment, without losing financial control.

  • Set up and host approved vendor catalogs
  • Your team can shop for supplies with ease, while Fraxion takes care of the requisition, approval, budget, and policy controls, and automates POs
  • Utilize internal catalogs to purchase goods for packaging 
  • Get direct access to preferred vendor catalogs via PunchOut integration
  • Qualify for volume discounts and more favorable terms by directing spend to preferred vendors

Automate accounts payable processes

Replace manual invoice processing and save time by eliminating the need for manual data entry, ensuring approvals and accurate cost allocations.

  • Reduce errors and improve accuracy and auditability
  • Simplify 2 and 3-way matching processes
  • Replace manual invoice capture with automated, multi-format intake, AI-data extraction and validation
  • Automate invoice approval workflows
  • Reduce the risk of exceptions, overpayments, and duplicate invoices
  • Analyze AP processes 


Frequently asked questions about Fraxion's procurement software for farms, tree fruit, and food production companies in agriculture.

Does Fraxion have a mobile app?

Yes, Fraxion's procurement software for agriculture is accessible via a mobile app for easy purchase and expense requests, budget review, approvals, PO visibility, and receiving capabilities. 

Can non-technical users operate Fraxion's procurement software with ease?

Yes, Fraxion’s user-friendly interface empowers all users and seasonal employees to use the system remotely with minimal training. Users can access the intuitive system via the web or mobile app, from any location.

Can you track operating expenditures to assets for repairs and maintenance in Fraxion?

Fraxion makes it easy to track repair and maintenance spending on assets and equipment. This helps companies determine when repair costs outweigh the cost of equipment replacement.

Can Fraxion manage spending for each farm, orchard, or ranch if they operate as separate entities?

Yes, Fraxion enables granular spend management and reporting across multiple companies, entities, and budgets with real-time tracking and visibility.

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