Fraxion partners with Procurement Services Ltd. (PSL) to enable simplified purchasing and compliance in schools

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Procurement Services Ltd. (PSL), a collaboration that will offer Fraxion’s cloud spend management solution to the thousands of Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) schools in the United Kingdom.

“We are pleased to be partnering with PSL to offer our spend management solution to the school business managers of the thousands of Multi-Academy Trust UK schools. PSL brings extensive experience in the Education space, specifically in the area of spend optimization. They are ideally positioned to identify opportunities where Fraxion can deliver tangible savings to schools, while ensuring regulatory compliance,” said Fraxion Regional Director, John O’Callaghan. “Schools can expect to gain spend control and efficiency enhancements throughout the procure-to-pay process with analytics and complete visibility into their spend,” he added.

“We are delighted to announce our brand-new partnership with Fraxion’s state of the art cloud based spend management solution.”

PSL’s aim from inception has been to provide best value, best-in-class solutions to the Multi-Academy Trust, Education & Public Sector from procurement technology to consultancy and support.

This partnership brings a brand new dimension to the entire marketplace as all organizations can now access powerful procurement optimization software designed to drive compliant, best practice-led purchasing, procurement and analysis at a price point that is affordable yet uncompromising in the delivery of features and benefits it provides, giving potential for MATs to finally realize the return on investment they need to achieve on any form of technology investment such as this.

With Fraxion and PSL, we now have a solution that gives true spend optimization in a flexible way, tailored to the Education market.

About Fraxion:

Fraxion’s best-in-class procurement software automates purchasing workflows with internal controls to deliver efficiency and effective spend management that drives operational cost savings for customers. The software is effective as a standalone solution or with seamless ERP and accounting system integrations.

Engineered to support finance and procurement teams in proactively managing company-wide procurement processes and spending, Fraxion is trusted by leading brands worldwide with over fifteen billion dollars in spend under management. 

About PSL:

Procurement Services Ltd. is a UK-based independent consultancy providing:

  • Cost Optimization, ROI Modeling & Procurement / Purchasing Optimization.
  • Complex Data & Contract Analysis support for Education Procurement Teams.
  • Procurement Technology Advisory Consultancy.

PSL has many years' experience working with Procurement teams to deliver complex data-focused procurement and contract analysis projects.

Our clients work in complex, large, multi-site (usually) public funded organizations where resources are tight and budgets are low, yet managing procurement from a spending and compliance perspective is critical.

Our mission is to support our clients to help them avoid unnecessary costs and ensure they are equipped with the expertise they need to manage their suppliers correctly and implement solutions that really deliver on their promises.

PSL & Fraxion working together.

PSL's knowledge and experience in the Education sector combined with Fraxion's powerful, next level procurement software technology creates an exciting, value-rich solution for all MATs & Multi-Site, Public Sector Organizations that avoids the pitfalls of previous solutions at a price point designed for 2023's budgets.

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