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Ditch the item catalogs with PunchOut

Ah, the Item Catalog. Is there anything more universally loved and reviled at the same time? Likely not. Let’s face it, maintaining an Item Catalog can be a boon for your purchasing department, but it’s also a pain. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

A better way to catalog

Introducing PunchOut – a growing realm of eProcurement software that effortlessly blends the need for an up-to-date item Catalog with the ease of shopping online. Here’s how it works:

When users start an order, they’re taken directly to the vendor’s website where they can shop to their heart’s content. They can quickly peruse the vendor’s item catalog, all with up to date pricing, right then and there. Once they’re done, their cart is transferred automatically back into your eProcurement software to handle approvals. Once approved, the order is sent to the vendor electronically to finish out the order. Your staff can save time, enjoy an online shopping experience, while your business benefits from the cost savings, supplier fulfillment convenience and supply chain efficiency.

That’s it! No more maintaining and uploading big, complicated spreadsheets of items. PunchOut does it better.

Don’t lose control

I know what you’re thinking – that sounds great, but how do I keep users from overspending? It's simple, leverage your eProcurement software's approval structures to ensure that all purchase requests are authorized and within budget. There's no getting around configured policies and approval structures.

Save money with every purchase

And did I mention you can save money while doing it? With Fraxion PunchOut, you can save on your everyday purchases! With Fraxion's PunchOut integration you can sit back and enjoy the benefits without all the hassles like contracts, minimum purchase amounts, or membership fees.

Can you really have less work and more savings without giving up control? With Fraxion and PunchOut, yes you can! See how PunchOut can save you time and money, contact Fraxion for a demo today.


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