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Fraxion’s cloud-based solutions provide complete operating expense control, policy compliance; risk management and spend analysis. Automate the procurement cycle and streamline purchase-to-pay processes with complete visibility of transaction life-cycles.

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Scalable savings

“We were able to start with the system with only 10 users and it has easily scaled with us to almost 400. It’s allowed us to save at least 4-5 jobs in purchasing.”

Brad P, Materials Manager
Biofire Diagnostics

Easy to use

“Very intuitive interface. Most users were able to pick up how to use it with minimal training. Previously, in MS Dynamics SL the interface was so difficult people simply stopped submitting purchase order requests. With Fraxion, we have nearly 100% compliance."

Jared C, IT DirectorR
The Production Network

Streamline processes

“Fraxion has streamlined our purchasing and procurement process tremendously. And it definitely has alleviated the need for our buyer to do so much manual work. We have better accountability of tracking approvals.”

Anthony P, Controller
Mesa Water District


“Fraxion is really easy to use. It’s kind of like when somebody picks up an iPhone. They can start using immediately, it’s so intuitive. We definitely get a good return on investment.”

Jason S, Associate Director, Operations
aTyr Pharma

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