Procure-to-pay software for proactive spend management

With Fraxion's procure-to-pay software, your business spend is always tracked, approved, policy compliant, and in budget.

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Gain procure-to-pay efficiency, spend visibility, and control

Engineered for mid-size companies, our user-friendly solution enables effortless operational spend management from any location. Enjoy mobile flexibility, simplified procure-to-pay processes, and a culture of accountable spending company-wide.

Automate and simplify your purchasing and accounts payable processes with Fraxion.

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Why Fraxion

Mid-size companies choose Fraxion's procure-to-pay software to gain:

Process efficiency 

Ease of use, mobile agility, and a secure solution that automates procure-to-pay processes and enables seamless integrations.

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Spend management & savings 

Complete spend visibility, analytics, and proactive internal controls that drive spend control, policy compliance, and operational cost savings.

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Accuracy & auditability

Accurate, accountable spending practices with transactional transparency, centralized digital records, and audit trails. 

A comprehensive, all-in-one procure-to-pay suite



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Requisition-to-PO, receiving, vendor ratings, PunchOut, and Catalog.







AI-powered AP automation,
invoice matching and invoice approval.





Insights, reporting, and
spend analytics.




Expense and travel requests, per diems, and cash advances.







Approvals, policy compliance, budget control, audit trails, and security.





ERP and accounting systems, PunchOut and PunchIn.
Fraxion experience
  • “

    We get a good return on investment

    “I’m a big fan of Fraxion, it’s really easy to use. With Fraxion, we enter the info in the system, even from remote locations. Everything goes through the approval process automatically. Most orders only take one to two minutes to complete.

    What’s more, Fraxion interfaces seamlessly with our finance system and maintains the full approval flow, so it’s easy for auditors to see that everything is correct. We get a good return on investment, that’s for sure.”

    Associate Director of Operations, Biotechnology
    Jason S.

  • “

    Excellent procurement software tool

    “Assists you in achieving full procurement compliance.

    We've decreased our travel spend by over 50%”

    Group Procurement Manager
    Rene A.

    G2 rating-1
  • “

    Highly recommended for simplicity, approval management and faster processes

    “We're able to keep our costs down and have the peace of mind that requests are getting the right approvals. Auditing has been smoother since implementing Fraxion. We get great support from the consultants as well. We're really happy with the system and get a good return on investment.”

    Information Technology
    Kelly C.

    capterra rating
  • “

    Fraxion curtails unauthorized spend

    “All items need to be fully approved on Fraxion in order for the purchase order to be generated. We will only make payment if there is a PO for the relevant supplier invoice. This has reduced the amount of unauthorized spend in the business.”

    Group Financial Accountant
    Lauren R.

    G2 rating-1
  • “

    Great tool for everyday spend management

    “Our greatest feature has to be PunchOut. When we went live with it, everyone really started to enjoy it.”

    Purchasing Agent, Education Management
    Robert S.

    capterra rating


Understanding procure-to-pay software

What is procure-to-pay software?

Procure-to-pay (P2P) software is a suite of integrated features engineered to streamline and automate the entire procurement process within an organization. The procurement process involves various stages, from the initial request for goods or services to the approval of invoices for payment. Procure-to-pay software helps manage and optimize these stages to improve efficiency, reduce manual errors, and enable visibility and control throughout procurement processes.

Implementing procure-to-pay software can lead to several benefits, such as cost savings, increased efficiency, better compliance with procurement policies, and improved visibility into the entire procurement cycle. The software can integrate with enterprise systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting solutions, to ensure seamless data flow and payments.

How does procure-to-pay software work?

Procure-to-pay (P2P) software automates and streamlines the procurement process within an organization. It begins with requisitioning, where employees create purchase requests, followed by an approval workflow to ensure proper authorization. The software manages vendor information and approvals, generates standardized purchase orders, and facilitates the receipt of goods or services with vendor rating capabilities. Invoice processing involves intake, extraction, automated matching against purchase orders and receipts, and approved invoices can move through to integrated financial systems for payment. Throughout the process, the software maintains a digital trail of transactions, enhancing visibility, efficiency, and accuracy in the procurement lifecycle.

How to choose the right procure-to-pay software?

Choosing the right procure-to-pay software involves several considerations:

  • Scalability: Ensure the software can grow with your business.
  • Ease of use: Look for intuitive software that users can adopt quickly and access via mobile phones.
  • Integration capabilities: The software should offer integration capabilities. These can include financial systems to eCommerce vendor catalogs and messaging apps.
  • Features: Look for features that match your business requirements from requisition-to-PO, PunchOut, AP automation, internal controls, and analytics and reporting. 
  • Support and training: Read software reviews to gauge customer satisfaction and consider solutions that require minimal training.
  • Security: Request third party security assessments and consider solution providers that prioritize security and undergo penetration tests and threat assessments.
  • Cost efficiency: Assess the return on investment, including time and cost savings that the software can deliver.
  • Reviews: Evaluate user reviews and ratings online in procurement, purchasing, spend management, and procure-to-pay categories.

Who uses procure-to-pay software?

Procure-to-pay software can be utilized company-wide across industries. Ease of use and mobile flexibility drive adoption and simplify procurement processes for all employees.

Finance, purchasing, procurement and IT professionals leverage procure-to-pay software to automate purchasing and AP processes, manage policy and budget compliance, promote accountable spending, gain complete visibility and analytics to inform decision-making, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

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