Cloud procurement software: Future-ready solutions

Cloud procurement software: What is it and why should you make the shift?

In an era of digital transformation, where businesses constantly seek more efficient and agile solutions, how you manage your procurement process is no exception. The days of relying on traditional, on-premise procurement software or manual procurement processes are giving way to a new approach — one powered by cloud procurement software. These cloud-based solutions are not just a trend; they represent the future of procurement. 

Cloud procurement, in essence, refers to the practice of using cloud-based software and technologies to manage, automate, and optimize the procurement process, replacing outdated manual processes and on-premise systems. This shift is driven by a need for scalability, security, and adaptability, making cloud procurement software the modern solution for businesses looking to optimize, mobilize, and streamline their procurement operations. In this blog post, we'll explore cloud procurement software, its business value, and why it's time to embrace this transformative technology.

Defining cloud-based procurement software

The emergence of cloud-based procurement software has reshaped the way businesses manage their purchasing and spend management initiatives. Cloud procurement software is a digital solution that leverages cloud computing technology to facilitate, streamline, and enhance various aspects of the procurement process. This innovative approach marks a departure from traditional on-premise software setups, bringing with it a host of agility and accessibility benefits, essential to modern businesses and operating models.

Unlike traditional procurement software, which typically requires extensive infrastructure, maintenance, and IT support, cloud-based procurement solutions operate remotely in secure, off-site data centers. This fundamental shift to the cloud has several key differences, including greater accessibility and flexibility to support any operating model, scalability to accommodate growth, cost-efficiency with predictable pricing models, robust security measures, automatic updates, and enhanced collaboration and integration capabilities. These differences collectively empower businesses to embrace a more agile and competitive approach to procurement and spending.

How cloud procurement software works

Let’s dive into how cloud procurement software works and how it operates differently from traditional, locally installed solutions. Instead of being stored and implemented on your local servers or computers, cloud-based software runs on remote servers maintained by the software provider. This approach offers several advantages, including flexibility and scalability. It means you can access your procurement software from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need for on-site server infrastructure. Plus, cloud solutions typically allow for easy scalability, accommodating your organization's changing needs effortlessly.

Advantages of adopting cloud procurement software 

Embracing cloud procurement software offers numerous advantages that can transform your organization's procurement processes.  Let’s explore these key benefits:

Accessibility and flexibility - Including remote access

The advent of cloud procurement software has led to a shift in how companies approach procurement operations. Firstly, it eliminates the constraints of being tied to a physical office. Your team is no longer restricted by location or office hours. Whether they're in the office, working from home, on site, or traveling, they can access a cloud system, enabling accountable purchasing, informed decision-making, and instant approvals from any device or location; there are no delays or impacts on operations.

This newfound accessibility brings unprecedented efficiency to your procurement workflows. Team members can initiate purchase requests, approve orders, or review budgets while on-the-go. For instance, a team member attending a conference can review and approve a purchase request from their hotel, ensuring that essential business purchasing continues without interruption.

Moreover, cloud procurement software fosters greater agility within your procurement processes. It's not just about working from anywhere; it's about working anytime, enabling business continuity, and having the flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances swiftly. This agility is especially valuable when dealing with urgent procurement needs or navigating time zone differences.


One of the standout features of cloud-based solutions is scalability. As your organization evolves, your procurement software can easily adapt to changing needs. Whether you're expanding your operations, downsizing, or dealing with seasonal variations, cloud software scales effortlessly without requiring costly infrastructure changes or license models.


Cloud procurement software often operates on a subscription-based model, offering significant cost-efficiency compared to traditional software with upfront licensing fees and enterprise-level pricing. You can select a pricing tier that aligns precisely with your usage, making it a budget-friendly choice.

Security and data protection

Leading cloud procurement software providers prioritize security. They deploy advanced security measures like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular security tests and audits to safeguard your data from threats. Your sensitive procurement information remains protected and compliant with industry standards.

Automatic updates

Say goodbye to manual updates and resource burdens. Cloud procurement software delivers automatic updates, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features, security patches, and improvements. This not only saves time but also enhances your software's performance and security.

Collaboration and integration

Cloud software facilitates collaboration by enabling multiple users to access and work on procurement data simultaneously. This collaborative environment fast-tracks processes, improves cross-departmental communication and cohesion, and boosts productivity. Furthermore, many cloud solutions can integrate seamlessly with other business applications (e.g., ERPs and accounting systems), enhancing accuracy and workflow efficiency, and reducing manual data entry.

Real-time updates

Procurement in the cloud means real-time updates. You'll have access to the latest data and insights, enabling quicker and more informed decision-making. Real-time updates also ensure that your procurement strategies remain agile and adaptive.

Reduced IT overhead

Shifting to the cloud lightens the load on your IT department. Maintenance, updates, troubleshooting, and support are expertly managed by the software provider, freeing up your IT resources for more strategic tasks.

Disaster recovery

Leading cloud providers implement robust disaster recovery plans. Your procurement data is diligently backed up and secure, even in the face of unforeseen disasters or data loss.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced technology

Cloud procurement software, coupled with the rapid advancements in cloud software development and the integration of AI, is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their procurement processes.

With the incorporation of AI tools, businesses can take their procurement to the next level. AI automates repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency and accuracy, while also providing valuable data insights through advanced analytics. AI-driven insights and predictive analytics empower organizations to make data-driven decisions, mitigate risks, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize costs effectively.

As cloud software developers continue to evolve at a rapid pace, businesses benefit from continuous innovation and cutting-edge features. AI's integration into cloud-based procurement software accelerates these benefits, enabling organizations to stay competitive, agile, and strategic in today's ever-changing business landscape.

Evaluating the best cloud procurement software

Selecting the best cloud procurement software is a critical decision for businesses seeking efficiency and cost containment at a time when uncertainty is the only constant. Organizations must adopt strategies and technologies that enable flexibility, adaptability, and risk management. Solutions that enable business continuity and the cultivation of resilience can strengthen your organization’s response to any circumstances that may arise. It's essential to find software that aligns with your specific needs, and your current operating model, and one that has the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes and evolving needs. Prioritize user-friendliness for quick adoption, assess integration capabilities to further connect and improve business efficiency, and look for software that can be deployed rapidly, for faster time-to-value.

By considering these factors, you can identify a solution that streamlines procurement processes and supports your organization's unique requirements.

Key features of top-tier cloud procurement software

Once you have evaluated the factors mentioned above, it is crucial to understand the key features your cloud procurement software should include to ensure complete procurement efficiency and spend management. Look for these essential functionalities when considering your options:

  • Purchase requisitioning: A user-friendly, mobile interface for creating and managing purchase requisitions is vital for efficient procurement management.

  • Purchase orders: The ability to automatically generate, track, manage, and email POs for approved requests simplifies procurement processes, manages risk, and ensures accuracy.

  • Budget and policy control: Keep spending in check with active budget and policy management tools, alerts for potential red-flags and risks, and real-time budget tracking.

  • Approval workflows: Streamline authorization processes with customizable multi-level approval hierarchies, reducing delays and enhancing accountability.

  • Vendor management: Features such as PunchOut,  internal catalogs, and supplier evaluation tools enable effective vendor approvals, onboarding, and spend management by vendor.

  • Expense management: In addition to procurement capabilities, look for solutions that offer expense management, including travel expenses, with an intuitive platform and mobile app for on-the-go expense reports. You’ll reduce the need for add-on software.

  • Reporting and analytics: Access AI-enhanced business intelligence to analyze and report on  spending, purchasing patterns, and processes. Leverage actionable insights to improve processes and reduce costs.

  • Integration capabilities: Ensure seamless integration with existing systems for data synchronization, accuracy, and process efficiency.

  • Mobile capabilities: Access and manage procurement functions from a mobile app for increased flexibility, productivity, and convenience.

Fraxion and the cloud revolution

Fraxion is a trusted partner in cloud procurement, offering a comprehensive suite of features engineered to simplify procurement processes and proactively track, manage, and analyze spending. Our secure and easy-to-use cloud platform enables scalability, accessibility, and the visibility and spend control that ensures accountable procurement processes company-wide.

We understand that change can be daunting. If you'd like to know more about the transition from manual processes or a legacy on-premise system to cloud procurement software, we’re here to guide and assist you every step of the way.

Ready to transform your procurement practices? Get in touch with a product specialist to discuss your business needs and explore Fraxion's cloud procurement software today.

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