Manage and optimize your indirect spend

Spend management software gives your organization proactive tools to track, manage, and analyze spend with ease.

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Get the most from your spend management software investment

Benefits of spend management


   Automate your processes for spend management efficiency

Leverage the flexibility of Fraxion to simplify and automate workflows, fast-track processes, and remove approval delays. It’s so easy.


Proactive spend management on-the-go

Work remotely, guide purchasing decisions, and foster an accountable spending culture. Empower your team to submit purchase requests and expenses, review budgets and approve, wherever they are. 


Say goodbye to unauthorized spending with budget and policy controls

Drive procurement policy compliance and adherence to budgets with budget insights at decision points, and alerts and notifications for contraventions and potential risks in purchasing requests. 


Optimize vendor relations and reduce costs

Simplify purchasing processes and direct all spend to approved vendors that offer the best value. Purchase from integrated vendor catalogs with PunchOut or host internal product Catalogs.


Gain insights and spend smarter with analytics and reporting tools

Improve visibility, analyze and report on your spend to identify trends, process improvements and cost-saving opportunities. 

#1 Spend management software


Spend Management


  • “

    Easy to use and a good ROI

    Fraxion is really easy to use, it’s like when somebody picks up an iPhone they can start using it immediately; it’s so intuitive. We definitely get a good return on investment, that’s for sure.

    Associate Director, Operations
    Jason S, aTyr Pharma

  • “

    Great tool for everyday spend management

    Less paperwork in filing cabinets and paperless purchasing has been a wonderful change Our greatest feature has to be "PunchOut". When we went live with it, everyone really started to enjoy it.”

    Purchasing Agent
    Robert S, Education Management

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  • “

    Excellent requisition solution

    “This software has been a huge improvement over our previous system and has greatly enhanced the efficiency of our process. It is easy to use for our Accounting department and end users. We looked at multiple other products but chose Fraxion because it had the strongest requisition ability.”

    Steve R.

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  • “

    Fraxion curtails unauthorized spend

    “All items need to be fully approved on Fraxion in order for the purchase order to be generated. We will only make payment if there is a PO for the relevant supplier invoice. This has reduced the amount of unauthorized spend in the business.”

    Group Financial Accountant
    Lauren R.

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  • “

    Very intuitive and easily to use tool

    Great experience from an end-user perspective.”

    1,001-5,001 employees
    Human Resources.

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  • “

    Highly recommended for simplicity, approval management, and faster processes.

    We’re able to keep our costs down and have the peace of mind that requests are getting the right approvals. Auditing has been smoother since implementing Fraxion. We get great support from the consultants as well. We’re really happy with the system and get a good return on investment.

    Information Technology
    Kelly C.

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Proactive spend management software

Take control of your indirect spend. Every department will benefit from the ease-of-use and simplified processes, and your organization will gain a critical advantage by achieving financial accountability.