Top-rated purchase requisition software

Establish easy, mobile purchase requisition processes and robust approval workflows that keep spending under control, and on budget.

Reduce your operational costs by 15 - 20%

with automated purchasing workflows and proactive spend controls

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Manual and paper-based processes with automated purchasing efficiency.
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Proactively control operational spending and achieve sustainable savings.
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Slow processes, approval bottlenecks, lost documents, overspending, maverick spending, and fraud.

Simplify purchase requisition and approval processes

With mobile purchase requisition software, managing spend is easier than ever! Simplify how your team submits requisitions with all the data needed for easy verification and approval, anytime, anywhere.

  • Request to purchase from any device or location
  • Attach supporting documents and centralize purchasing records
  • Gain accurate cost allocations
  • Route requests via custom approval workflows
  • Get notified when requests require approval
  • Instantly approve via the mobile app
  • Predictive coding streamlines multi-line requests

Say goodbye to wasteful, unauthorized spending

Effective spend management begins with a strong purchase requisition process that enhances control and ensures adherence to policies.

  • Select from approved vendors or submit new vendors for approval
  • Automate custom approval workflows and ensure delegation of authority
  • Managers can review budget impact and make informed decisions when approving requests
  • Actively manage procurement policies
  • Potential risks trigger alerts and notifications.

Track the status of each purchase, at any stage

Purchase requisition software makes it easy for your team to stay informed, accountable, and compliant.

  • An activity timeline provides a scrollable log of transactions; a go-to reference point for all activities and progress
  • Get real time notifications for all transactions, as they occur
  • Review the status of requests at any stage in the process
  • Access detailed audit trails



The foundation of effective spend management

Purchase requisitions are the cornerstone of accountability, compliance, and efficiency in procurement.

Automate your requisition process to ensure that purchases are always tracked, approved, policy compliant, and on budget.

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    Excellent requisition solution

    “This software has been a huge improvement over our previous system and has greatly enhanced the efficiency of our process. It is easy to use for our Accounting department and end users. It provides all of the custom routing and request setup options that we need for our approval process. ”

    Steve R, Controller

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    Highly recommended for simplicity, approval management and faster processes

    “We're able to keep our costs down and have the peace of mind that requests are getting the right approvals. Auditing has been smoother since implementing Fraxion. We get great support from the consultants as well. We're really happy with the system and get a good return on investment.”

    Information Technology
    Kelly C, Partner

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    “Fraxion has become the place our people know to find financial transactions. Our departments and programs enjoy the reduced time to process requests and the overall accountability. We cannot underscore the spend control enough.

    We needed a faster and more efficient way to manage spending. The ability to instantly research, see what’s in process, and drill down into the details from wherever we are has made Fraxion invaluable.”

    Government Administration
    Niel M, Finance Director


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