What’s new in Fraxion: New UI and personalized dashboard

Simplicity and ease of use are principles that steer the direction of our roadmap and the features we develop. Our recent release is testament to this, with significant improvements to Fraxion’s user interface (UI) and the user experience overall. With users always top-of-mind, we aim to make day-to-day procurement processes and spending policy compliance easier.

Introducing our new UI and home page dashboard, including analytics cards and an activity timeline, unique to each logged in Fraxion user.


We understand the need for personalized data visualizations at the start of the user's purchasing journey and have developed a home page dashboard that provides meaningful, real-time data and spend insights when logging in to Fraxion. 

What are the benefits? Data visualization simplifies data sets and presents it in an easy-to-understand format that enables faster and better decision-making

When logging in to Fraxion, each user is presented with a series of analytics cards that provide an overview, unique to their activities and purchasing history. In addition to this snapshot, there’s an activity timeline: a scrollable log of requests, transactions and the like; a go-to reference point for all activities and their progress, with notifications for all activities that the user is linked to. Furthermore, it’s an effective policy management tool, providing users with real-time alerts for any risks or process contraventions.

The activity timeline removes the need to navigate elsewhere in the system to review the status of requests, while alerts and notifications guide the user’s activities and spending behavior. All the information a user needs is at their fingertips; it’s personalized and easy to understand. These spending and activity snapshots present users with personalized overviews of their tasks, spending values, history and trends, and the time they take to action activities. 

The goal? To drive accountability and inform and empower users to better manage their productivity and spending impact on the business.

In summary, these are the key benefits:

For users
●    An overview of their purchasing history and values by selected periods
●    Data visualization that enables faster, informed decision-making
●    Quick, easy access to the status of activities, policy alerts and notifications
●    Guides spending behavior
●    Time savings and efficiencies

For your business
●    Accountable spending
●    Procurement policy compliance
●    Informed decision-making
●    Time savings and efficiencies
●    These benefits combined reduce waste, curb unauthorized spending, and drive cost savings

To see our refreshed UI, the spend analytics dashboard and how it simplifies and informs decision-making for all users, get in touch for a demo. We'd love to show you how you can achieve proactive spend management by guiding buying behavior and making processes easier for your team.

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