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eRequester and Fraxion complete merger

As you may have heard, eRequester and Fraxion have merged and, as a part of the merger, will be rebranding the new company as Fraxion. In the coming weeks you will see more about us in the news and website rebrand changes as we make the transition.

Fraxion will be headquartered in Seattle, WA and be led by Stanton Jandrell, CEO.

“eRequester and Fraxion share a culture of excellence and personalized service, and I am confident that the combined organization will surpass the expectations of customers by delivering a much-needed solution in the US,” said Stanton.

This is an exciting time for us and we’ll have more to share so stay tuned.

What does this mean for eRequester?

eRequester spend management software will now be a part the new Fraxion catalog of products. eRequester will be getting a rebrand, but the software will otherwise remain unchanged. We will still provide the same top-rated spend management software that makes paperless purchasing, approval workflows and spend visibility simple. You can find more details in our FAQ.

More about Fraxion and the cloud

“Our vision is to simplify spend control globally, shifting spend management to spend enablement by offering a cost-effective, comprehensive platform to mid-market companies,” said Stanton Jandrell, co-Founder and CEO of Fraxion.

With the merger, Fraxion announced the North America launch of its enterprise-grade, native cloud spend enablement solution. Forbes reported that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020 and Fraxion is leading the way for companies looking to leverage the cloud for their digital transformations.

Fraxion customers now have even more options – native-cloud solution, hosted or on-premise.

Click to read our merger press release.

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