Spend management for non-profits & not-for-profits

In this guide you will learn: 

How spend management technology can assist NPOs and NFPs to secure repeat funding, improve sustainability and program efficiency with:

Operating expense control
Stewardship of funds
Tracking spend against funds, grants, budgets, and donors
Improved transparency, compliance and auditability


78% of NPOs and NFPs say their funders are demanding more visibility of spend and impact than before.



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Trusted and highly rated by users 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us the highest ratings from users, establishing Fraxion as a leading spend management solution.

  • Fraxion has singularly improved transparency, eliminated 90% paperwork, cut approval times in half, and summarily improved productivity in procurement.

  • The software saved us significant time and effort in purchasing and greatly improved our audit response time. Our users can now easily request and track their purchase requests.”

  • “Great spend management product. Fraxion has enabled us to use the system as we need, all while abiding by the polices we have in place as a company.

  • “I have had a pleasant, seamless experience. The implementation of Fraxion has given the procurement team visibility of overall spend”

  • “Best features: Budget management. Audit trails. The dashboard that shows the expenditure analysis reports. The search function that helps with finding historical transactions and activities.”

  • "Best features: User friendly. Integration between our ERP system and Fraxion, seamless uploads for accounts. Reports and analytics and authorization of spend management."

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