Spend management for non-profits & not-for-profits

The biggest challenges facing NPOs and NFPs today: Achieving long-term sustainability and funding.

How are you managing donor funds? How transparent are your processes and can you provide on-demand spend reports?

Discover proven spend management strategies that can help your organization to minimize overhead expenses and allocate funds responsibly to achieve program goals, and secure funding for the future.

Find out more in this spend management guide.





In this guide: 

How spend management technology can assist NPOs and NFPs to secure repeat funding, improve sustainability and program efficiency with:

  • Transparency and reporting power
  • Cost control
  • Compliance and auditability 
  • Mobility and ease of use
  • Automation


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78% of NPOs and NFPs say their funders are demanding more visibility of spend and impact than before.

Donors take many factors into account when making investment decisions. Do they believe in the cause, what are the risks involved, and will the organization be effective? Funders expect results from their philanthropic donations. They create opportunities and enablement, but with these benefits come increased demands. You will have to account for expenditure and provide complete transparency of operational activities and outcomes.

To be effective in achieving core goals and securing repeat funding, your organization needs to have structures in place that enable you to be more efficient, transparent and compliant with regulations.

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