Spend management for the healthcare industry

10 - spend management for the healthcare industry

In this guide you will learn: 

How deploying a spend management solution can alleviate budget management and compliance issues while curbing overspending.

By automating and centralizing your procurement processes, you'll gain the visibility to identify and drive cost saving opportunities and reduce administrative burdens and costs across locations, facilities and departments.

Group 15401 The complexity of the healthcare supply chain
Group 15401 Most common factors influencing overspending
Group 15401 Value-based healthcare requirements and outcomes
Group 15401 Spend management challenges
Group 15401 Trends in global healthcare spend

Proactive spend management in healthcare

Fraxion provides visibility and audit trails of every stage in the procurement workflow. Each user is accountable and empowered to make informed decisions, and all operational spend is tracked, approved, policy compliant and within budget.

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