Fraxion & eRequester

For users

Will the merger affect current support processes?

No, Fraxion will continue to provide support exactly as before, including the process for new releases.

Will you continue to provide support during business hours?


Will we need to migrate to a new platform?

No. Your user experience will not change at all. In fact, we expect an acceleration in bringing enhancements to the solution to market as a result of the merger.

Will we still have access to the original software features?

Yes, the solution remains exactly the same and will continue to be enhanced over time.

Will the pricing arrangement change (currency, amounts)?


Is our data secure?

Your data will remain as secure as it currently is and will continue to be managed in accordance with Fraxion’s data policy.

Will I still be able to go through my established channels for support/customer service?

Yes, support and customer service procedures remain exactly the same.

Who is eRequester and what do they do?

eRequester has operated in the spend management space for over 20 years and service an almost identical market to Fraxion.

Where is eRequester located?

eRequester operates out of Seattle, USA.

Why did eRequester choose to merge with Fraxion?

Fraxion’s Spend Management solution, the Fraxion management team and staff were identified by eRequester as the right fit both from a business and cultural perspective to help accelerate international growth. eRequester recognized the deep pool of world-class skills available in South Africa as a key strategic advantage.

Will the solution change names?

No, the solution will continue under the current Fraxion branding. Your user experience will not change.

Will there be a change of focus from South African market requirements?

Not at all. Existing customer commitments and requirements will continue to be met both from a legislative and functional perspective.

Will there be a change in management at Fraxion?

The core Fraxion South African management team will remain in place. Stanton Jandrell will be taking over as CEO of the combined group.

Why is this merger good for us?

We’re confident that the merger will enhance the Fraxion solution and improve our customer experience by providing us with additional scale and incorporating international best practices into our product and service offerings.

For administrators

Will there be any changes to the current administrative arrangement, in terms of:

  • Billing entity(ies) - No
  • Billing location - No
  • Fees - No
  • Key contact people - No
  • Business hours - No

Will there be a change in contracting parties?

Fraxion Pty Ltd. will remain the party with whom you will continue to contract for the provision of software, deployment and support services. eRequester / Paperless Business Systems is the ultimate owner of the software.

For resellers

Why is this merger good for us?

We anticipate an acceleration of enhancements to Fraxion’s product offerings, allowing us to better serve our market.

What additional marketing support are we likely to receive post-merger?

The single biggest investment post-merger will be on our go-to-market strategy. This will include significantly improved marketing collateral to support your sales efforts and fast-track your success.

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