eRequester & Fraxion

For users

How will the merger affect my software and organization?

The only change caused by the merger will be cosmetic. We will be rolling out our updated logo beginning in July 2019. The Fraxion software that you use will remain unchanged and the merger will have no impact on your day-to-day operations.

What does this mean for customer support?

Our Support and Services Commitment to our Customers is not changing. The team is staying the same, it’s just getting bigger. They will continue to provide support exactly as before, including new releases.

Will you continue to provide support during business hours?

Yes. Our Customer Service Level is not changing. With the addition of the new team in South Africa we are also looking into extending the coverage to more hours.

Will we need to migrate to a new platform?

No. Your user experience will not change. In fact, we expect an acceleration in making more options available to you as your needs change.

Will we still have access to the original features of the software?

Yes, your solution remains exactly the same. We understand that Spend Management Solutions are long-term solutions that customers need to be able to count on for many years.

Will the pricing/maintenance change?

Pricing of software services or maintenance agreements can change over time per the standard agreements. Today’s announcement and the merger of Fraxion and eRequester does not impact any of the existing policies or agreements.

Is our data secure?

Data security is our priority. Today’s announcement will not change anything about the products that you’ve come to trust. Our commitment to using industry data security best practices remains paramount to us providing a secure platform for your spend management needs.

Can we still go through my established channels for customer support?

Yes, support and customer service procedures remain the same.

Why merge with Fraxion?

After partnering in 2018, we realized how aligned our company vision, culture and products were. We quickly recognized that a merger would provide us with more opportunities to serve our existing customers and explore new innovations for our products and services.

Where is the new Fraxion going to be located?

Fraxion will be headquartered out of Seattle, USA, the former eRequester HQ. We will have an R&D center and sales offices in Cape Town, South Africa.

Will the solution change names?

The new company will be named Fraxion. The existing eRequester product will be called “Fraxion e” going forward.

Will there be a change in management?

The core of the eRequester team in Seattle will remain unchanged. With the growth of the company, we are adding several executive positions. More information can be found at

Why is this merger good for us?

The Fraxion and eRequester teams are excited about the future. Our investors are confident that the merger will accelerate our ability to advance our leading spend management solutions. It will help us provide a global SaaS Solution with expanded support capabilities.

For administrators

Will there be any changes to the current administrative arrangement, in terms of:

  • Billing entity(ies) - No
  • Billing location - No
  • Fees - No
  • Key contact people - No
  • Business hours - No

For Partners

Why is this merger good for us?

Combining the two companies, and the technologies, we plan many enhancements to the Fraxion product offerings allowing us to better serve our market.

What additional marketing support are we likely to receive post-merger?

The single biggest investment post-merger will be on our go-to-market strategy. This will include significantly improved marketing collateral to support your sales efforts and fast-track your success.

Will our partner agreements need to be renewed?

Our goal is to minimize disruptions, but new agreements may need to be signed. We do not anticipate any major changes to the agreements. We are in the final stages of developing a new partner program so we think you will be pleasantly surprised by the additional support and marketing that is coming. Please contact if you have any questions.

Is Fraxion the new name of the company? Will it require new contracts and W9s?

Fraxion is a DBA and the existing legal entity will remain unchanged. No new contracts or W9s will be provided as a result of this re-branding.

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