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Spend intelligence
“I would definitely recommend Fraxion to anyone who has a very manual, time-consuming procurement system. You’ll really appreciate the user friendliness, the quick learning curve and the features. Plus, it’s really inexpensive. You’ll simplify your workflow and have a history of all your transactions on your system. Companies can analyze spending, identify trends and saving opportunities, and forecast for the future."

Access fast, simple spend reports with business intelligence and reporting tools

Spend by employee

Spend by employee

  • Analyze spend by employee within a specified date range or by the company/ies they are linked to.
  • See a breakdown of spend by purchase order or request.
  • Gain clear visibility into employee budgets, actual spend and available funds.
  • Improve budgeting processes with these actionable insights.

Spend by supplier

Spend by supplier

  • Gain clear insight and report on total spend by supplier and payment terms.
  • See the total spend or purchase order spend by supplier, groups of suppliers, and date ranges.
  • Track supplier diversity initiatives.
  • Identify price variations and your top performing suppliers with intuitive charts.


Budget spend

  • View and analyze budgets by financial period or year.
  • Gain insights into cost allocations by code and description with granularity around open POs, budget and actual variances.
  • Visualize budget amounts spent and remaining.
  • Improve spend predictability and forecasting.

Purchase orders

Transactional spend

  • Gain transactional spending insights for invoices, requests, and purchase orders.
  • View PO accruals and better understand commitments
  • Identify your top invoiced items. Gauge and reduce processing costs.
  • Apply flexible filters to customize your view and export reports on-demand.

Leverage your data and increase your purchasing power

Relying on business intelligence and reporting tools can give your business a competitive edge  - report on historic supplier spending and leverage the transactional data to increase your bargaining power.

  • Rationalize your supplier base
  • Optimize spend
  • Channel spend to top-performing suppliers
  • Improve your negotiating position
  • Consolidate purchase orders
  • Qualify for reduced pricing, more favorable payment terms, and volume discounts

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