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Connect Fraxion and Amazon Business for easy, familiar buyer journeys and proactive spend controls.

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Fraxion | Amazon Business

Simplifying business purchasing

Fraxion and Amazon Business have collaborated to simplify business purchasing via Punchout and Punch-in.
The business purchasing integrations connect the simplicity and familiarity of Amazon Business’ extensive eCommerce platform with the robust requisition-to-purchase order and approval engine, powered by Fraxion’s eProcurement software.



Integration benefits

How Punchout and Punch-in can help you realize efficiencies and savings:





Easy catalog browsing and familiar shopping experiences





Automated requisition-to-PO efficiency with multi-level approval routing


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Ensure that all purchases are within budget and policy compliant




No need to browse multiple vendor catalogs and sites with access to millions of products in one place




2 or 3-way invoice matching


Centralize purchasing records to improve AP efficiency and invoice matching


Project accounting


Improve and inform decision making with complete visibility and reporting power




Scale your purchasing process and enable your entire team to purchase easily and accountably with minimal training





Give your team access to accurate product and pricing info and save time with no need for catalog maintenance



Reduce your operational spend by taking advantage of business-only pricing and quantity discounts, when available.

Punchout workflow

Punchout workflow

How Punchout works

arrow-right Gain direct access to Amazon Business while logged into Fraxion's eProcurement system.

arrow-right Create a purchase request in Fraxion and Punchout to Amazon Business.

arrow-right Browse catalogs, and shop; your cart items are listed in your purchase request and ready for budget review, policy checks and approval.

arrow-right Once approved, an electronic purchase order is generated and automatically sent to Amazon Business.

arrow-right PO accepted, order billed and fulfilled by Amazon Business.

arrow-right Receive items and match to records in Fraxion.

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Punch-in workflow


How Punch-in works

arrow-right Save even more time with Punch-in. Your journey begins in Amazon Business where you can browse catalogs and add items to your cart.

arrow-right Simply choose Fraxion from your pre-configured Punch-in group, select your shipping and payment options, review your order and submit.

arrow-rightAmazon Business redirects you to Fraxion, where your purchase request is instantly updated with your shopping cart items and ready to submit for approval.

arrow-right Each request is subject to a budget and policy review and approval process.

arrow-right Once approved, a purchase order is automatically sent to Amazon Business. 

arrow-right Amazon Business accepts and fulfills the order.

arrow-right Receive items and match to the request, PO, or invoice in Fraxion.

Improve order accuracy, speed, and spend control

These seamless integrations provide fast, easy, familiar shopping experiences in Amazon Business, while Fraxion’s automated purchasing and approval workflow ensures that all spending is tracked, approved, and on budget!


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Great tool for every day spend management

Overall: Less paperwork in filing cabinets and paperless purchasing has been a wonderful change.
Pros: Our greatest feature has to be Punchout. When we went live with it, everyone really started to enjoy it.

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Robert S, Purchasing

Fast-track business purchasing without losing financial control with Fraxion and Amazon Business integrations